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Gnawa and Pedicularis.

Ternifolia and tribute to my dear .

TULKOU from Mo'Sam on Vimeo.

TULKOU online.

Mohamed and myself are proud to finally be able to present you TULKOU, our short film in which we put lot of love.  We are anxious to thank all the voluntary persons who helped us punctually or all the way and supported, all of them, from our producer to these well-meaning souls which colorized even one shot, a big and warmly thank which come from the heart.

Here a previous test we did in 2010 for the look and pipeline of TULKOU :

Some tests for a project.

Others SISSA illustrations.

Some illustrations I did for an Italian Laboratory from the SISSA for cognitive experiments about grammatical prepositions for 2-4 years kids.

Some bonus before the release.

TULKOU trailer, a short film directed with  Mohamed Fadera.

The end, soon…


Tante Bessy.


Natatorium & Maronade Ambrée.

A toda madre o un desmadre.